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Tinkering School

This TED talk by Gever Tulley entitled, “Life lessons through tinkering” really is a breath of fresh air. It’s exciting to see the amazing creations and problem-solving going on by these children. Watch through to the end to see the roller coaster made by 7 year olds!

Should we be doing more of this real-life learning? Can we take our children out of the constraints of the 4-walled classroom and into the world of creativity, innovation and experimentation? Should we? – I certainly think we can and we should!

What are your thoughts on this? Are you already doing something like this or a bit different? Please share your ideas and experiences by leaving a comment below.

One thought on “Tinkering School

  1. Of course we should have these things available for our children, along with other machinery such as sewing machines. How can kids make decisions about designing if they have never had the experience of using tools and finding out what they do.

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