Looking in the mirror

As educators we’re often told that we should reflect on our practice, and to be honest I believe we all naturally do this. There’s no possible way (at least from my experience) that you could teach a class without thinking back on it and what went well and what didn’t. But what happens with that quick “thought” reflection? I know that for myself, I’ve done a lot of thinking about classes or days that I have just had but I couldn’t tell you how often that those reflections led to a change in practice for me. To me that’s the key. Reflection should lead to a change or improvement in practice otherwise what’s the point in doing it except to either feel good or bad about yourself or what has just happened?

I want to make my reflection more meaningful. I often end up writing blog posts as a part of my reflecting, but I haven’t written that many posts that have come about through reflect on a teaching or facilitation experience that I have just had. Most of them have come about through something I have read or viewed and have pondered over for a few days. To make my reflections more meaningful this year I want to reflect regularly on my practice and get it into writing – sometimes on my blog and sometimes just privately. I guess in this way I can also reflect on my reflections. It gives me a chance to go back and see what I’ve done, what I was thinking of doing about it and also how I’ve done since then, giving me another opportunity to reflect on my practice (remembering to also link any reflections to the registered teacher criteria).

It’s time for me to do more reflecting on my practice and ensure it’s not just an in the moment thing but leads to something more.

How do you reflect on your practice? How do you capture your reflections? Do you go back to them and see how you’ve done since?