The boy and the fly

They can fly! I thought they just disappeared!

This was the reaction my son had when he saw a fly flying for the first time. I believe he was about 5 years old and had just received a good pair of glasses (previous pairs were a lower strength in the hope that his eyes would strengthen). As far as he understood flies just disappeared. They were on the table or wall and then they vanished.

I’ve shared about my son with low vision in previous posts, but I was thinking about him again in terms of perspective and realities. My son, before he had a good pair of glasses had a different reality to the rest of us. This was quite a revelation to my wife and I and it really put things in perspective for us.

This was his reality. It made sense to him because that’s what he observed. It makes you think.


What a day. Posts like this one probably come along quite regularly. This one isn’t really about teaching and learning but that’s okay. It is still a reflection of the day.

I’m currently sitting in my son’s bedroom as he goes to sleep. He’s had trouble getting to sleep recently so this is a bit of a regular occurrence. I love being a dad and spending time with my kids. I try to get home as early as possible so I can spend time with them. Today was no different. The train times have changed slightly so my normal train home now leaves 7 minutes earlier than it did last week. I made it today! I was amazed. But we sat and sat. About 10 minutes after it was supposed to leave an announcement came over that it was cancelled and to catch the next one. Usually this would really frustrate me. But today was different. I guess the events of the day really had me quite sober. Today the 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, and believe me this put everything in perspective.

This is a horrible day for New Zealand. Five months since the first big quake hit Christchurch. It has made me think of life and people. The cancellation of my train was nothing. I had the blessing of going home to my wonderful wife and 5 kids.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Christchurch in the tragic time. New Zealand is behind you as is a lot of people and countries around the world.