Monday Mentions: 25 August 2014

Check out my favourite blog posts from the past week. Just two this week:

  1. First steps towards digital collaboration by Leanne from Hinengaro. Leanne reflects on a seemingly straight-forward staff PD session she ran about YouTube. It reminds me that some of the things we have been using for years are still new to some people!
  2. Epic #edchatNZ reflection by Brie Jessen-Vaughan from Teaching on the Wind. There have been many great #edchatNZ reflection blogs especially due to the challenge that was put out, so why did this one grab my attention? Brie has taken some learning shared how she has put it in to action. It’s really good stuff that she has shared!

Monday Mentions: 18 August 2014

Check out my favourite blog posts from the past week.

  1. On the Importance of Commenting on Blog Posts… by Alex Le Long from Evolution and Imagination. Alex gives us a good reminder that we need to be commenting on other blogs. I know for me that I love comments and sometimes get them on Twitter instead of the blog post. It’s nice, but feels more permanent if attached to the post.
  2. Let’s Booktrack by Allanah King from Life is not a race to be first finished. Allanah blogs about the Booktrack app. I had a look at this at the Education Festival earlier in the year and could see some really good benefits in this. Worth a read.
  3. UDL at the dentist by Chrissie Butler from The CORE Education Blog. This is a great blog post about Universal Design for Learning from an unexpected experience at the dentist. If you want to see a practical example of UDL check it out.