Technology in schools vs the media

This morning I saw this headline on NZ news site Stuff:


I clicked on it and the actual headline read:

iPods in classroom inspiring young minds


There was nothing in the article that was actually against iPod use in primary schools or even questioning it, so it intrigues me that Stuff would have the headline like this on their main page.

My guess here is that the media is trying to create some controversy from this headline.

In my view, if technology is being used to enhance teaching and learning and to engage students then why would we not want it to be used. It’s about schools and teachers picking appropriate technology for the situation and not simply using technology for technology’s sake.

Teachers’ Domain

Teachers' Domain®

I discovered Teachers’ Domain yesterday while browsing another site. On here is a stack of digital media, sorted by subject, topic and grade level. It’s a US site, but any teacher can sign up for free. You do need to register with your school name, but as long as you select your country and have your zip code handy you should be able to find your school.

This website is well worth the visit and registration. You are allowed to download and use the content contained on here. It even has some lesson plans and a whole lot of other stuff.