Converted to Evernote

Converted might the wrong word at the moment, but I’m giving Evernote another go at the moment. After seeing a lot of tweets a few days ago about people using the service, as well as this fantastic guide to using Evernote (well worth a look), I thought I’d give it another shot. I have used Evernote a few times in the past but never really got hooked. After looking at the guide however it gave a few suggestions of what to use it for. The idea of using it for bookmarks seemed like a good one. Ever wanted to save something on a webpage? Just use the Evernote web clipper and away you go!

Then @fivefoot3 on Twitter said that she uses Evernote with IFTTT (If this, then that) so that when she favourites a tweet, it copies it to a notebook in Evernote. This was a brilliant idea in my mind so have set this up this morning.

One of the great things about Evernote is being able to add tags to EVERYTHING, so that you can easily search for stuff you’ve saved or notes you’ve created. Of course it has mobile apps as well and a range of other apps have integrated with Evernote. It’s well worth trying out if you haven’t already. It could be a great way to become paperless over time also if that’s something you’ve wanted to do.