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Soaring high

I’m writing this post on an Air New Zealand A320 heading up to Auckland for a hui (not sure why the aircraft type was important) and thinking some more about reflecting on my practice.

One of the difficulties we can have when considering a class we’ve just taught is that we’re too much in the moment. We can be caught up in the good or bad things that happened and not really see the various places or things we could work on.

Often it is useful to take a step back or get into your helicopter and soar above the class you have had. This might require a break of a few hours or even overnight. It could also require a look at some of the data collected whether it be anecdotal—what you noticed—or actual student achievement information. It might even occasionally mean sitting down with a colleague or other critical friend to talk about the situation and help clarify things in your own mind.

Everyone is different and will find different ways of reflecting work better than others. Or even different ways work better at different times. It’s important though to get out of the zone and soar high above your class to get the full picture of what was going on.

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