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Problem solvers vs Problem finders

I just came across this TEDx talk (video below) and blog post from 2011 and it really made me think. In the video, Ewan McIntosh talks about the need to develop a generation of problem finders rather than problem solvers. Part of this comes from a generation of teachers and parents developing problems for our students to solve that are irrelevant to them and not real.

Watch the video (about 8 minutes) and consider what you could do to help develop a generation of problem finders. The last part of the video is really interesting about what happens in one class where this takes place.




This happens to be my 100th blog post. It has taken me just under 4 years of rather irregular blogging to get to this stage. This site started as a wordpress.com site and I migrated it at the beginning of last year to a personal domain.

Knowing it was my 100th post I tool a look at some stats and discovered that between the two sites I’ve had over 7000 page views.

Thanks for being one of those who have read my blog. I hope it has been interesting and useful, and has made you think.

I hope you will continue reading and sharing.

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