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Preparing for work

In two weeks time I return to work after about 8.5 months on study leave. I would like to say that I have completed my study (Master of Education), however work on my thesis is now continuing into next year. I’ll call it a work in progress.

My impending return to work has me not quite sure how I feel. I’ve enjoyed my study leave this year. It has enabled me to focus on something quite different, even that it’s relevant to my job. It has given me a break for the usual day-to-day activities of my school. Teaching in distance education, I find that some days can be quite similar to others – unlike face-to-face where every new day brings new experiences, joys and challenges.

I’ve also enjoyed the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my family. It’s time I wouldn’t usually have as I’d have been working. Yes, I’ve been studying, but I’ve been able to be a bit flexible with that so that I can do some of the things we enjoy doing together. My youngest child, at nearly 3 years old, has changed so much this year and I’m so glad to have been a part of this time for her.

I’m ready to go back to work – ready for a change from study (even though it’s continuing), however I’m also really nervous. What has changed? What do I need to work on as soon as I’m back? What about the dynamics of the place? In some ways it feels like I’m going to a new job – but one where I know a fair bit about what is going on. It’s a strange feeling.

The other part to going back is that I’ll only have been back about 3.5 weeks before the school holidays begin. So it’s not a lot of time to really get things going. I guess for me (unless my manager has other plans), it’ll be a time to set goals for 2013 and what I want to accomplish and where I want the school to head in terms of e-learning.

I really hope I can both make the most of my last two weeks on leave, and then make the most of the few (official) weeks of school/work left for 2012. I’m hoping 2013 is going to be huge – a turning point – in terms of e-learning in my school.

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