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Moving on…

Today is a bit of a strange day for me. It marks the last day that I will be working at Te Kura. I’ve been here five and a half years—the longest I’ve ever been in any one place of employment. While I came as a Science teacher, I have also had several Senior Teacher positions in Science before moving into the Senior Teacher E-learning position. While it’s had its ups and downs (I haven’t been in a job yet that doesn’t), it’s a place that has enabled me to grow and reinvigorate my passion for education—both teaching and learning. I’ve also developed a strong interest in distance education and see the need and usefulness to have schools like this.

While I know someone will come and fill my position, I hope that I have left something worthwhile, something valuable, something for people to think about.

In just a few short days I begin in a different position for a different organisation, CORE Education. I’m excited, nervous and feel a little bit like I’m stepping into the unknown. While it’s not totally unknown, it is all new for me.

I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead but also thinking about what I’m leaving behind. Great colleagues, friends, as well as dreams! It’s a new stage of my life and an exciting adventure I’m on.

Here goes nothing!!!

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