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Monday Mentions

I thought I’d try something new today. I notice a lot of bloggers have a regular feature on some days of the week, so today I’m starting “Monday Mentions” which is where I will mention and link to a few blog posts (and other posts) that I think are particularly useful or interesting in the world of education.

So here goes…

1. Tools for the 21st Century Teacher – This is a post by Michael Zimmer on his blog The Pursuit of Technology. It includes a link to Zimmer’s free eBook, Tools for the 21st Century Teacher. This is a great resource with a number of web 2.0 tools for teachers to use in their education and professional development.

2. Sooooo …?? – A Youtube clip and a few simple questions to ask yourself at the end. What does social media mean for you in education? Check it out. From Greg’s Blog – principal (le?) learning.

3. Beware when you blog A reminder to us about blogging and blogging in our classrooms. We need to monitor what is going on and be professional. From *** ICT U Can!


That will do it for this week. Now the trick is to remember to do it again next week!

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