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I don’t have anything worth sharing! YES YOU DO!!!

So often when we’re wanting to blog we have a block. We feel like we don’t have anything worth sharing, or we think that all we’ve done is really obvious.

Well… Have a watch of this video (about 2 minutes)

Now what do you think? What’s obvious to you might be amazing to someone else!

I remember when I first presented at Ulearn back in 2010. My colleague and I shared some stuff that was based around web tools that we had been using for ages and were kind of assuming that everyone already knew about them. Boy were we wrong! There was so much opportunity for new learning to go on during that workshop! It was exciting!

So get writing! Share what you’re doing and don’t worry what others think or do. You never know… What you share might change the life (or perhaps teaching practice) of someone else!

2 thoughts on “I don’t have anything worth sharing! YES YOU DO!!!

  1. Hi Nathaniel,

    Thanks for sharing this with me! What a great little video and what a great way to look at it! I think this is sooo true! I share lots of ideas with my schools every time I visit them, why do I think that no one else will find this interesting? Thanks again, for helping me see things in a different way! Such wise words of wisdom!

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