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Google Series – Part 3: Different Google Searches

For part 3 of the Google series I’m going to mention something straight-forward and simple but it can be easy to forget these options.

Once you have started a search in Google, there are a number of ways/web items you can search from everything, to blogs, images, news and more.

In the side bar you have a number of options (you may need to click the “more” button).

Clearly, clicking on ‘blogs’ will search for your search terms in blogs. But you’ve also got news items, images, books (Google has scanned I believe over 2 million books – some full text are available!), maps and more. The ‘updates’ option will search twitter updates (tweets) and other updates for your search terms. You could find things that have been posted in the last few minutes to a number of years, depending on what you are searching!

So it is a straight-forward post today, but I think it’s worth remembering the basic search options that you have with Google.

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