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Education keynote addresses… Is there anything new going on?

I’ve been to a few education conferences/mini-conferences in the last year. I enjoy them. I enjoy hearing the exciting things teachers are doing with their classes, even if it’s similar to what someone else has done. Excitement can be contagious, which is great.

What I have noticed though is that most of the keynote talks that I have heard have rehashed the same stuff over the past 4-5 years. Is there no new, useful research/practices going on? I’m sure there are. I’ve read some of the articles that have been written.

While many of the speakers are excellent speakers/presenters and are great at inspiring, I’m ready for something new. I need real-life examples of innovation/creativity and it really needs to be original. We’ve all heard (yes I know it’s a generalisation…) about moving from the industrial age into the knowledge age and beyond. We know about the way the internet is changing.

I do realise that some people don’t know and haven’t heard or still need to catch up, but what about those who do already know and are doing? I also don’t mind being reminded of some things but the reminders now should be short and few.

I find teacher/educator (and keynote speaker) blogs are great to find out what’s going on in real-life learning situations (ie. classrooms/schools) and love to learn this way. But I also like to be able to go and hear a speaker who is pushing the boundaries of what we currently know and be challenged/inspired to do more ourselves.

I know great things are happening in education around the world. I just want to hear about them and not the same stuff I heard 2, 3 or 4 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Education keynote addresses… Is there anything new going on?

  1. I smiled as I read this Nathaniel – that was my reaction after reading about Education 3.0 – I was developing those practices in my classroom in a little rural school in Taranaki 15 years ago!
    They are of course, good messages, and useful to review – but not new.

    1. Yes – I agree about Education 3.0. I don’t believe there is anything new in it. It’s just some good practices put together under a heading!
      Thanks for the comments, Richard. 🙂

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