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Digital mihi

As I wrote in my previous post, I stated I was working on a digital mihi and to “watch this space”. Well, I’m done. I think I’m going to investigate slightly different mihi and different formats to present them, but here is my first one.

One of the challenges for me was thinking about where I’m from. I felt like I didn’t really have a mountain or river, for example, related to “where I’m from”. I also felt like I didn’t really have a definite place that I could say, “this is where I’m from”. In fact, my feeling is that my home is where I am with my family. As you can see from my mihi, my family mean a lot to me. What I ended up doing is choosing the mountain and river that I connect closest with. Living at the foot of Ruapehu for two years and looking out the lounge window at the marvellous site helped develop that connection. And the Waikato River holds many memories of early days with my wife. These mean a lot to me.

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