Digital citizenship

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is more than just knowing that you have an online life, just like it’s more than knowing how to be safe online. Rather, it’s a lifestyle—a way of appropriately behaving online, legally, ethically and responsibly. It is not only applicable to what you do in social media spaces, but in everything you do online from sending an email, to using a banking app, researching online or publishing online.

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  • Netsafe – New Zealand’s leading site for digital citizenship and internet safety resources.
  • Digital citizenship, NSW – Information for schools and parents.

For teachers

  • Netsafe kit for schools – a range of useful resources for schools including surveys to gain an insight into digital citizenship and your school community.

For students

  • Hector’s World – A underwater digital citizenship game for young children.
  • Digizen – A game to learn about cyberbullying.

For parents

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