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Contributing to discussions

A couple of years ago, some colleagues and I sat down to put together some guidelines to contributing to discussion forums (although some relate to generally working online. Feel free to use or adapt them if you think they are useful. For us, in distance education, it’s not always easy for us to get the group together to come up with ‘class’ guidelines, so thought we would put some general ones together.

Here they are:

  1. Show respect towards yourself and others online. Treat others as if you were talking in person, face-to-face.

  1. Encourage others who have responded to a discussion. Relate to them or what they have said. Respond to their ideas/comments. Recommend some further ideas.

  1. Encourage others to contribute to a discussion. Consider including a question in your comment.

  1. Take care with what you share online. Many people may be able to see what you write in your blog, discussions and ePortfolio.
  2. Have fun online. The more you put into a discussion, the more people will respond to you.

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