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WHAT?! Don’t worry about unqualified teachers??

There is something about 2012, education and the National Party that has had me thinking a lot more about politics this year. Right now I think that the National Party should be quite concerned about the apparent double standards of Prime Minister John Key.

On the one hand, the PM has stated that those people who want to become teachers will need to have a degree already and then go on to complete postgraduate study in education. However, on the other hand, he has said today that unqualified, unregistered teachers will be able to teach in charter schools. So he’s made it more difficult to get teachers qualified, but made it easier for anyone to teach if they choose to teach in a charter school.

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I notice also that the PM has stated that they will close down charter schools that are not successful as quickly as they’re setting them up. Surely this statement alone means that we should focus on what we’re currently doing instead of trying something new – essentially having our children as guinea pigs in something that the government itself is unsure whether it will work.

I still wonder why the Prime Minister is not the Minister for Education, as he seems to be the main spokesperson for anything to do with it at the moment and was during the first year of National Standards also!

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