I came across this Web 2.0 tool Blabberize yesterday during a Discovery Education webinar on “21 ways to engage 21st century learners”. (You can find this recorded webinar and upcoming webinars here).

Blabberize allows you to take a photo and create a ‘mouth’ on the photo. You can then add a voice over and the picture will talk to you. I little bit of fun – kids will love it!

Here’s an example. Myself and a colleague have been working on a project for the last few months and have a presentation to deliver to the rest of the group next week, so we decided on a new way to invite them all to our presentation. This is what we did:

Blabberize example (unfortunately I couldn’t manage to get this to embed in this blog)

One-stop shop for Web2.0 and other learning tools

I came across this site at a course I went to earlier this year by Dr Ross J Todd and it is great! 3000+ tools that people have found for learning.

Centre for learning and performance technologies

It separates them into various categories and lists them as free/not free. If you have a need in a particular area, then you’ll probably find a solution here.

Happy browsing through the many tools – they each have descriptions also!