Student engagement – An #EdBlogNZ Connected Educator challenge

This post has been published as part of the #EdBlogNZ Connected Educator 2015 challenge.

One of the challenges this week is to create a 1-2 minute video about an education topic that you are passionate about and post it on your blog.

An area that I’m passionate about and actually researched for my MEd is online student engagement. So I’ve focused this video on student engagement. The challenge is about stretching bloggers and getting them to give it a go… so here is my effort.

uLearn Live @ Lunch #2

It’s really interesting when your job means that you’ve run a number of online training workshops as well as facilitated a number of webinars as the host, but you’ve never be the “guest” in an online session. That changed today when I was invited to share what I’m presenting on at uLearn this year, and what I like about being a connected educator.

I was nervous being on the “other side” but enjoyed it anyway! Thanks Tara for the opportunity!