Quiet in the house…

Anyone who has kids (we’ve got five!) knows that when it’s quiet in the house, it’s time to check up on what they’re doing.

My wife (@daikininz) and I have had this happen a few times lately. Our youngest who is nearly 2 has disappeared a few times recently and been very quiet.

Where has she been? The first photo will answer that…


She has found my wife’s iPad. She has undone the clasp. She has opened up the case, pressed the button to wake it up… Slid her finger across to unlock it… Found the app (usually a game) she wants and started to play.

Did I mention that she is not yet two?!

While I was taking these photos she decided to reorganize the iPad in its case by getting it to stand up on its own. When she managed it she pumped both arms with satisfaction (see photo).


I know iPads aren’t the cheapest device, and there is often controversy around their use in schools however, they are so simple to use, and great for motivating students. All my children love using them, and they are much simpler than standard computers. We need to seriously consider their use (or other tablets) in our learning environments. We need to give our students access to the technology or similar technology that they may be using in the future – they need to be prepared!