Monday Mentions – 21 June 2010

My favourite blog posts from the past week…

1. What TCol doesn’t teach … – A YouTube video linked from Greg’s Blog – principal (le?) learning.

2. Digital Citizenship – Cellphones – This is an interesting blog post about cellphones in schools. Students have cellphones at school. What should we be doing about this? From Educational Origami.

3. Top 100 technology blogs for teachers – The link in this post are probably what you are after more – From The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness.

4. MeeGenius – Online books for kids to read and personalize. From iLearn Technology.

Monday Mentions

I thought I’d try something new today. I notice a lot of bloggers have a regular feature on some days of the week, so today I’m starting “Monday Mentions” which is where I will mention and link to a few blog posts (and other posts) that I think are particularly useful or interesting in the world of education.

So here goes…

1. Tools for the 21st Century Teacher – This is a post by Michael Zimmer on his blog The Pursuit of Technology. It includes a link to Zimmer’s free eBook, Tools for the 21st Century Teacher. This is a great resource with a number of web 2.0 tools for teachers to use in their education and professional development.

2. Sooooo …?? – A Youtube clip and a few simple questions to ask yourself at the end. What does social media mean for you in education? Check it out. From Greg’s Blog – principal (le?) learning.

3. Beware when you blog A reminder to us about blogging and blogging in our classrooms. We need to monitor what is going on and be professional. From *** ICT U Can!


That will do it for this week. Now the trick is to remember to do it again next week!